Plan Your Perfect Summer Road Trip


Summer is the season for a variety of different experiences. Grilling out, hitting the barbecue, enjoying outdoor sports and the local beach, but nothing is quite as quintessentially summer as the tradition of the good old summer road trip. Whether it’s a couple of high school guys hitting a local campsite for a week, college buddies taking off for a special adventure, going on your own personal walkabout, or planning the perfect family vacation, summer is the time for special road trips. While a truly great road trip is amazing, you’re giving yourself the best chance for a great one by doing some careful smart planning. So make sure to get a good deal locked in on your motorhome rental and read on to learn how to plan for that perfect summer road trip.

Create a Basic Framework

There are many of us who love the idea of flying by your pants and just seeing what might happen next, and while you definitely want to have some flexibility during a good road trip, you also need to have a basic framework. What main sites do you want to see? Are there certain campsites or events you need reservations to? How much driving per day do you really want to do? These are all important questions and can help guarantee a solid trip.

Don’t Micro-Manage

While having plans and calling ahead are both good things, don’t micro-manage. Part of the fun is exploring to see what is around the next block, checking out that small town diner, or having a couple of days to bum around so if anything catches your attention on the way, then you’re off!

Start with Packed Snacks

Hey, you never know how good (or terrible or non-existent) snacks might be at the next stop. Have a good selection of snacks starting your trip off and make sure everyone has a little something. A mini-cooler can help make sure chocolate doesn’t melt and there are plenty of options for everyone from pre-sliced summer sausage and cheese to chocolate bars or oatmeal cream pies – be prepared!

Take Advantage of Travel Apps

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Download a few useful apps you think will help out the most, get used to them and how they work before the big trip, and take advantage of everything that these particular apps have to offer.

Consider Unconventional Times

Hey, you’re on vacation. You don’t need to drive during rush hours, you don’t need to eat when restaurants are most crowded. It’s amazing how much experiences like driving and sitting down for a meal can change by shifting things just a couple hours in any direction. Consider moving the schedule a bit so you can enjoy the benefits of your trip without dealing with nearly as many headaches.

Something for Everyone

If you’re traveling with a group, you always want to make sure that you plan something for everyone. Chances are if you’re traveling as a group there are some similar interests and if there aren’t, look for places that cater to multiple interests. If you have something for everyone then it will end up being a much better trip overall. On the other hand, if you are the only one traveling as you go solo on your next road trip then replace “something for everyone” with trying something distinctly new, different, or off the beaten path compared to.