Memorable Sailing Around Komodo Islands


Indonesia is all about beauty. What kind of beauty offered in Indonesia? The nature. The nature of Indonesia is very very fascinating. You do not need to be worry when you search a place to take a vacation, because this country offers you many options of vacation spots. If you want to see the beach, Bali is ready to serve you with its two iconic beaches, Kuta Beach and Nusa Dua Beach. If you want to see a spectacular view from the top of the mountain, you can go to Central Java with those iconic mountains, Sumbing Mountain, Merbabu Mountain and also Sindoro Mountain. Then, if you want to see something special in this country, one of the places that you really need to visit Komodo Islands. Why Komodo Islands become very special?

Every place has their own magnet in order to magnetize the tourists. For simple thought about Komodo Island, this island is actually just a normal island. This island is not really special. The size? That is not big enough. This island is only 390 square kilometer. For the population, there is not as crowded as other famous island. This island is only about 2.000 people. This island is also located in not really famous province in Indonesia, East Nusa Tenggara. However, what makes this island become one of the special vacation spot in world?

  1. Komodo National Park

For those who does not really understand about the name of this national park, they may think there is no special thing in this national park. However, there is absolutely wrong. The main magnet of this island is this national park, with the existance of Komodo. Komodo is called as the dragon that still live in this millenium. This is the endemic animal, which means that Komodo only lives in this area. The largest lizard alive is predicted by many scientists has been living in this island for more than thousand years. This animal is also called as the ancient animal, because of that prediction and analysis. Then, in this national park, there are other animals live. Those animals are water buffalo, civets, banded pigs, cockatoo, macaques and also banded pigs.

  1. Pink Beach

Sailing around Komodo Island Indonesia is not complete enough if you do not see one of seven pink-sanded beaches in the world. Yes, that is Pink Beach. This pink beach is very beautiful and really worthy to visit while you are taking the adventurous sailing around Komodo Island.

That is some important things that you really need to know about Komodo Islands. For sure, this island is very special with those things that is beautiful to know. Then, if you want to go to this awesome island, you can go there easily because the way to go to Komodo Islands is not hard enough to find. You can use your internet connetion to search the way to go there. Then, afte you konw how to go there, do not forget to spend your time sailing around Komodo Islands.