Best 4 Places to Visit in Yogyakarta


Nowadays, living in a metropolitan give everyone a lot of pressure. Thus, having a vacation becomes an essential thing in human life. By having a vacation, you will be able to relax and bring back your sanity. One of the most popular destination for vacation is Yogyakarta, a city located in the middle of Java Island, Indonesia. In this article, we will give a brief explanation about places to visit in Yogyakarta.

There are a lot of things to do in Yogyakarta, and in this article, we will give some suggestions about how to spend your time in Yogyakarta according to advises from experienced travelers.

  • Rafting at Goa Pindul: this activity is very popular among tourist who are bored with ordinary waterparks. Rafting in Goa Pindul offers stunning views of stalagmite and stalactites inside the cave that was carved for more than hundreds years ago. In this cave, there is a stalactites that is considered as the fourth biggest stalactite in the world. The water and the limestone have contrast colors with blue and brown respectively. Some places also decorated with the color of green ferns and moss. The highlight of this rafting is a tree trunk with six meter height that can be used as a jumping board to the lagoon.
  • Exploring Si Oyot Cave: as the longest cave in Gunung Kidul, with 900 meter long, this cave offer a great experience for adventure lovers. It takes approximately 90 minutes to explore the entire cave. Once you enter the cave, you will be greeted with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites that emerges from both ceiling and floor. Additional tree roots slipping through the notches and cracks of the rocks give views that make you feel like you are in Indiana Jones movie. The best time to visit this place is during dry seasons, approximately around April to September. Other than this time, the water will be very muddy and you may need to bring a lot of extra clothes.
  • Meditating at Luweng Sampang: this place is formed from rock’s layers that occurred thousands years ago, sculpted magnificently by the water pouring and gently creating curves that similar to Colorado’s canyons. Behind the curtain of the water, you can explore numerous tunnels and chambers. The water is very refreshing as it comes straight from Sewu Mountain Chain. This place is pretty secluded and there is no entrance fee (yet).
  • Visiting Ullen Sentalu Museum: this museum is claimed to be the best museum in Indonesia by National Geographic. This museum offers the knowledge of Javanese culture and history starting from Mataram Kingdom in 8th Century. There will be a tour guide that will explain about each collections. Taking pictures are prohibited to protect the collection from piracy, but there are several spots where you can take a picture. You can also buy Yogyakarta souvenirs in this museum.

The activities that are listed above are several Yogyakarta point of interest based on reviews by famous and experienced travelers. Those activities should be great representatives for the experience and memories that you will get from choosing Yogyakarta as your holiday destination.